Proffesional chimney repair Chicago | Chimney tuckpointing Chicago

Although you may have heard that masonry chimneys will last infinitely, constant exposure to harsh elements during their lifetime will likely lead to damage and deterioration. This is where the chimney repair Chicago residents prefer comes in, as a crucial quick response in order to ensure the structural integrity of your chimney. If a brick or mortar joint becomes cracked, the deterioration may quickly worsen. Wintertime is significantly more crucial for these potential masonry issues. Through expert masonry chimney repair services like chimney tuckpointing in Chicago, our company can assist in restoring your chimney’s structure. This is best done within a short time of you having observed missing, cracked, or loose bricks or mortar joints on the exterior of your chimney.

What exactly is tuckpointing? A masonry method, tuckpointing is used for the removal of broken mortar joints followed by tucking in new mortar through the use of specific pointed tools. Occasionally referred to as pointing and repointing, tuckpointing, as declared by The Balance, is a project that is labor-intensive and should exclusively be performed by certified and experienced masonry professionals.

Why is tuckpointing so labor-intensive? The company must first evaluate your chimney’s current status before beginning the tuckpointing work itself by way of chimney inspections Chicago residents trust. We must examine the specific mortar joint quantity that will require replacement. The next step includes the current mortar joint analysis process to be able to properly prepare new custom mortar that has been matched as closely as possible with existing mortar in consistency and color. We proudly provide skilled chimney masonry and fireplace repairs in Chicago so that they seem as though they were always there. We use an incredibly strong Portland cement-based mortar mix to ensure your chimney remains safe and sound for many more years.